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Credits for Photos to Right:
Yuma Clapper Rail (Jim Rorabaugh, USFWS); Los Morteros (Alex Hobson, ALWT); Chiricahua Leopard Frog (Jim Rorabaugh, USFWS); Altar Valley (Randy Prentice, Courtesy of Faulkner Land Co.)

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Liz Petterson, Executive Director of the Arizona Open Land Trust
View of Waterman Mountains (photo: Les Corey)    
  Arizona Land and Water Trust protects 356 acres within Ironwood Forest National Monument, expanding protected areas containing critical wildlife habitat in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management. Read more.   Arizona Land and Water Trust receives the 2016 National Land Trust Excellence Award
Members of The Trust accepted the award at the national Land Trust Alliance’s annual Rally in Minneapolis.
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The Trust's annual report is now available for download here. Read an article on Double Check Ranch, an update on the Desert Rivers Program at work and see photos of our field trips.
Download the Report (3MB)

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