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Desert tortoises are found on flats, alluvial fans, bajadas and rocky terrain, and generally emerge from their burrows mid-March to feed on ephemeral plants. (Photo: USFWS, Beth Johnson)

Mailing address
3127 N. Cherry Ave.
Tucson Arizona 85719

phone: 520.577.8564
fax: 520.577.8574

Liz Petterson, Executive Director

Diana Freshwater, Land and Water Fund Director

Aaron Citron, Project Manager, Land & Water Program

Joanne Delaney, Development Associate

Jessica Fraver, Project Assistant, Land & Water Program

How to Support the Arizona Land and water Trust:
The Arizona Land and Water Trust relies on the support of the people and communities we serve to meet the challenges of preserving critical landscapes. Your contribution to the Trust will support Land Trust activities, acquisitions, public outreach and stewardship. We invite you to join us today. Call 520.577.8564 for more information.