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To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work. Mary Oliver

Executive Director Diana Freshwater with one of the singing cooks at the 2005 Santa Lucia celebration.

our history
Founded in 1978, the Arizona Open Land Trust has long roots in southern Arizona and is the state's oldest local land trust.

In October 2008, Arizona Open Land Trust (AOLT) merged with the Southeast Arizona Land Trust (SEALT). SEALT has a history of mergers, having been formed in 1999 as a result of the merger between the San Rafael Valley Land Trust and the Southern Arizona Grasslands Trust. AOLT's 30-year history of protecting vanishing western landscapes and wildlife habitat is a great fit with SEALT's own land protection legacy and deep connections in the ranching community.

As population growth in southern Arizona has surged over the last several years, community focus on protecting land and water has sharpened. In 2007, AOLT began integrating water into its land protection focus and launched its Desert Rivers Initiative. Augmenting the tools and resources we developed for our Family Ranchland Protection Fund and adding an entirely new layer of protocols based on scientific research and data specific to water, the Desert Rivers Initiative assists landowners working with us to secure water for conservation. With this important programmatic emphasis on water, it was determined that the name Arizona Land and Water Trust (ALWT) best described the organization's work.