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Preserving Southern Arizona’s Vanishing Western Landscapes and Wildlife Habitat Since 1978!

Coati live in dense forests, grasslands, and brushy areas from the southwestern United States throug northern Argentina, and feed on insects, snails, small reptiles, rodents, fruit and nuts. (Photo: USFWS, Jim Rorabaugh)

The Arizona Land and Water Trust protects Southern Arizona's vanishing western landscapes and wildlife habitat by acquiring and managing sensitive lands. In addition to our role as land steward, we also support programs that carry out our purpose, including appropriate legislation, public education, and outreach. We believe the preservation of Southern Arizona's landscapes and ecosystems to be vital to the well being of all residents, present and future.

We have protected more than 36,000 acres through conservation easements, donations and fee acquisition. In 1985 the Trust was instrumental in establishing legislation in Arizona enabling conservation easements.

The Trust is part of a growing movement of land trusts across the nation, which are in general responsive to an entrepreneurial approach to protecting the land. We work with willing landowners, municipalities and other organizations to protect resources through acquisition and donation. Due to our small size, expertise, and a diversely talented board of directors, the Trust can expeditiously pursue protection opportunities that may be more difficult for larger organizations or agencies.