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Water. We are becoming increasingly aware that our most important resource is growing scarce. Throughout the West, and particularly here in the Sonoran Desert, competition for available water will impact all of us. From rural communities and urban centers to food producers on farms and ranches, to entire ecosystems – each of us is reminded daily about our water supply.

We know that our rivers and streams support not only people, but countless natural treasures, including giant cottonwood forests, small and fragile riparian areas, and native fish populations. Arizona’s rivers and streams frame our history and inform our sense of place in the desert. Desert rivers and cottonwood-willow canopies thread through the Santa Cruz, San Pedro, and Verde Valleys within the Gila River Basin, attracting both new residents and global conservation interest. However, if conservation steps are not taken now, we not only risk our water supply, we jeopardize the link that our desert rivers and streams create between past and future generations.

The Trust launched its Desert Rivers and Riparian Heritage Initiative in late 2007. This program will magnify the power of conservation by focusing on water resources sustaining sensitive ecosystems that will otherwise be depleted. Protecting Arizona’s land and water means the continued health and vitality of Arizona for generations to come.

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