Renewal of Our National Accreditation

We at the ARIZONA LAND AND WATER TRUST (the “TRUST”) are pleased to announce that we are applying for renewal of our accreditation. A public comment period is now open.  We believe that maintaining our accreditation is important to the friends and supporters of the TRUST, as it validates that our TRUST continues to meet national quality standards for protecting Southern Arizona’s important natural places and working lands forever.

The Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance,  will shortly conduct an extensive review of our Trust’s policies and programs. The Commission now invites public input and will accept signed, written comments on our pending application. Comments must relate to how our TRUST complies with national quality standards. These standards address the ethical and technical operation of an accredited land trust. For the full list of standards see

To learn more about the national accreditation program and how to submit a comment about our TRUST, please visit, or simply email your comment to [email protected]. Comments regarding the TRUST’s pending application will be most useful by December 1, 2023.

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Arizona Land and Water Trust preserves Southern Arizona’s vanishing western landscapes by working with willing landowners to protect land that sustains our biological, cultural and agricultural heritage.


The Trust protects Southern Arizona’s desert rivers, streams and rural agriculture by entering into incentive-driven agreements that benefit river and riparian systems as well as the farmers and ranchers that rely upon those water resources.


The Trust brings together diverse partnerships, successfully leveraging multiple resources and interests, to implement landscape level conservation.

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